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Green Care Certified

Have A Positive Environmental Impact

Green Care Certified in Hazelwood, MO

Auto World Inc. is a green auto repair shop with environmentally friendly practices. There's a lot of waste in the automotive industry alone. We recognized that our business could have a favorable impact on our community by going green.

Would You like to Go Green and Save More Money Over Time?

It's not just our automotive service center that can support resourcefulness and environmental awareness. You can play an important role, too. 

Why Should I Practice Going Green with My Vehicle?

  • Save Money: Keep more green in your wallet when you go green. By taking care of your vehicle, you can get the longest life out of the different parts and systems that make it work. Plus you can avoid expensive repairs.
  • Feel Good Helping the Environment: Sustain your local environment for the future, ensuring its availability for the generations to come. It's a noble goal and well worth your time, considering you benefit too. See how in the sections below.

Auto World Inc. is available to help you go green. If you're looking for an environmentally friendly auto repair shop in Hazelwood, MO, then come to our service center. We recycle many automotive components and provide tire recycling.

What Can I Do to Go Green?

Green Care Certified in Hazelwood, MO

Check Engine Light

The check engine light (CEL) is almost always a warning that your car is polluting excessively and using excessive fuel (a double whammy). Seeking an engine diagnostic and repairing the problem as soon as possible is not only good for the environment, but it's smart for your pocketbook. Fast service can save you fuel costs and prevent further, more costly damage later. 

Plus, it's better to know what's wrong with your car so you can make an informed decision on how to fix it.


Green Care Certified in Hazelwood, MO

Although some tires get recycled (all of ours are sent to a licensed recycler), they cannot be turned back into tires. After being shredded, many tires still end up in landfills. Plus the energy consumed to produce that tire can never be brought back.

The best way to combat tire waste is to reduce the amount of tires we use. That's where you come in. By choosing the right tires and maintaining them throughout their useful life, you can reduce your tire usage by 50%.

Low rolling resistance tires can save fuel as well. Many companies have engineered tires that can save nearly the cost of the tires in fuel over their life. Continental has been a pioneer in this field, offering low rolling resistance tires for 17 years. If you're looking for better fuel economy, consider a tire with low rolling resistance.

Of course, keeping your tires properly inflated makes them last longer and improves fuel mileage. We help with this by inflating our tires with nitrogen, which has a larger molecule than oxygen so it seeps less through the tire rubber. Nitrogen also expands and contracts less,  keeping your tire pressure more consistent than regular, air-filled tires. If you ever need to add air, however, go ahead. It will cause no issues.

Scheduled Maintenance

Green Care Certified in Hazelwood, MO

Building a vehicle, when you think of all its components and the transportation of all those components, is not cheap in $ or its environmental impact. Keeping Preventive maintenance can make it last as long as possible. This can be huge benefit for both the environment and your pocketbook.

We upcycle all of our used petroleum based fluids (oil ,transmission fluid, etc.) through our Energylogic furnace in our automotive service shop. It is as clean as natural gas and requires no pre-treatment.

We also send our used antifreeze to a recycler.

All steel and aluminum parts we replace are recycled. You may be drinking out of your old water pump or radiator right now.

Auto Parts Cleaning

Green Care Certified in Hazelwood, MO

If you're not familiar with our auto part cleaning process, picture a big sink (like in your kitchen) with a faucet and a brush. Traditionally this "sink" is filled with a circulating caustic chemical that eats grease and grunge off parts before they are put back on the car. Our system is similar, except it is filled with a microbe compound similar to what they use to clean up oil spills in the ocean. You can literally drink our cleaner. Please don't ask for a taste, it's expensive and really doesn't taste all that good!

If we all do our part, we can make a difference.

We're proud to serve Hazelwood, MO, St. Louis, MO, Florissant, MO, and surrounding areas.

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